Sunday, February 8, 2015

Kirby's Barbecue - Mexia

Kirby’s Barbecue sits just south of Mexia on Highway 14.  Be aware that Mexia is typically pronounced “muh-hay-uh” though the city’s motto claims the city is a “great place, no matter how you pronounce it.”  I was here to determine if Kirby’s Barbecue was indeed a great place to get some BBQ.


 My order on this Wednesday afternoon was a combination of Brisket and Sausage.  Unfortunately Kirby’s ribs are only available on Fridays and Saturdays.  Orders are taken at the counter, then prepared out of sight and delivered to you up front.

The sausage and brisket at Kirby's in Mexia

The meats were brought from the kitchen covered in a very thin sauce.  The sauce did not have an overwhelming flavor to it but it did impart a vinegary tanginess to the meat.

The brisket had a nice crust along the edge of the thin, untrimmed slices.  Kirby’s actually charges a premium if you want your meat trimmed which leaves me wondering who wants these tasty traces of fat removed.  The slices were thin but held together well and provided a good chew.  The seasoning is simple as the meat speaks for itself.  This beef had good smoke and good flavor on its own but the sauce succeeded in giving the beef a little more character.  It’s a very straightforward and satisfying brisket.

The familiar sausage is exactly what I expect at many of the Texas barbecue joints I visit.  It’s a Slovacek link featuring a peppery spice.  The link came out pre-sliced and well prepared.  It was about as good as you will ever find with this type of link.


The building is a simple structure both inside and out.  The metal shed of a building is pretty easy to miss as you cruise down the highway.  Inside, you will find wooden tables aligned across the floor surrounded by a wall decorated with Texas-centric knick-knacks.

The simple building that houses Kirby's Barbecue

The service was friendly and the hospitality was warm.  The woman that took my order at the counter might not know everybody that walks through the door, but it sure seemed that way.  Everyone in the building was either “baby” or “darling.”

The sides were good but nothing mind-blowing.  The sweet corn provided a nice balance to the spiciness of the beans on my plate.


There is not much to dislike about Kirby’s, except possibly the fact that they only serve their ribs on Fridays and Saturdays.  The brisket is solid and provides a great example of the simplicity of Texas brisket.  The sausage is a standard link, though perfectly prepared.  This duo will not disappoint.

Address: 4592 Texas 14, Mexia, TX 76667
Phone: 254-562-5076
Hours: Wednesday - Friday: 10AM - 6PM; Saturday: 10AM - 3PM


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