Friday, December 26, 2014

Wagon Wheel BBQ - Ozona

There is not a vast barbecue selection in the region that Ozona occupies.  In fact, there is very little of anything in this region.  I was admittedly a bit hesitant to stop at Wagon Wheel BBQ originally but I was determined to find some BBQ in this stretch of West Texas and this re-purposed gas station seemed to be as good a stop as any.


I selected a simple pairing of sliced brisket and pork ribs from the menu that also included sausage and chicken.  The meat was pulled from a hodgepodge of warmers adorning the counter and served to me along with a couple of sides and a free helping of peach cobbler.

Two meats and some sides at Wagon Wheel BBQ

To start off, the ribs certainly looked the part with a dark, flecked skin covering a thin ring of pink.  The smoke on these ribs was not immense, but the flavor was clearly influenced by the wood – oak – a surprise for this area.  The ribs were a bit soft, but were still able to hang onto the bone and carry a bit of a chew.  The meat held good moisture throughout and the simple rub showcased the pleasing wood flavor on the bark.  These ribs were well prepared and are perhaps some of the best in this stretch of the state.

The thick slice of brisket surprised me.  The brisket was cut from the fatty end and remained untrimmed.  This is not a bad thing but is unheard of in some stretches of the state.  Unfortunately, there were still some gobs of fat that were not as buttery soft as you would hope for.  I trimmed those pieces manually and shoved them to the side.  Like the ribs, the brisket had traces of smoke and the influence of oak was clear.  The meat held a pleasing moisture and the bark carried a simple rub with a high proportion of thick black pepper.


Wagon Wheel is a true old gas station, complete with the key hanging on the wall for the bathroom out back.  There is some seating inside the old convenience store, but at first glance, it does not appear to be very inviting.  The service however is incredibly friendly and completely accommodating.

Wagon Wheel BBQ sits in an old Service Station in Ozona.

The sides were pretty standard and not much to speak of.  The bread however, was homemade and well above what you expect at your typical BBQ stop.  The peach cobbler was also pleasing and a nice complement to the meal.

The sauce, served on the side, is your run of the mill, smoky tomato based mixture.  I did not care for it.


Overall, this was a nice find in West Texas.  The ribs were good and even the brisket was above average.  If you are traveling to or from the far stretches of the state, this old gas station is a nice place to fill up.

Address: 1908 Avenue E, Ozona, TX 76943
Phone: 325-392-5401
Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 11AM - 8PM; Sunday: 12PM - 6PM


  1. Thanks! I'll check it out tomorrow.

  2. Great recommendation. The brisket was excellent and the chicken was cooked to fall-off-the-bone perfection.

    Tastiest blog ever.

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*All Grades Are Based Solely on the Quality of Texas BBQ Offered at the Joint. We Aren't Looking for Burgers or Catfish!

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B = This is very good BBQ, even if it is over an hour away, consider making the drive.
C = This is just average BBQ but it's worth a stop in a pinch.
D = This is a poor example of Texas BBQ. Even if it's the only place around, skip it. Apologize to any non-Texans that have eaten here.
F = This is not only a bad Texas BBQ, it is probably not suitable for human consumption.

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