Monday, September 1, 2014

Schmidt Family Barbecue - Bee Cave

Schmidt Family Barbecue is aptly name as the family involvement is just as notable as the barbecue.  This joint is a collaboration between Kreuz and Smitty's, both from the legendary Lockhart BBQ family.  The intention here is to bring the taste of Lockhart to the west side of Austin.  They have had to make certain concessions for the suburban patrons.  Shoulder Clod is no longer on the menu, Sauce is readily available and they serve up plenty of requested lean cuts of brisket.


The smell from the parking lot was intoxicating and I was ready to sample all of the meat I could.  I opted for a fatty cut of brisket, the pork ribs, sausage, and a beef rib that is only available on the weekend.

The spread of meats at Schmidt Family Barbecue

The brisket featured a great looking, very well formed crust that carried a simple rub. Each slice featured a nice amount of well rendered fat.  The meat had decent moisture and good flavor, though not as much smoke as I expected.  Each bite had a bit more tug than I would like but this was pretty good brisket.

The pork ribs were simply terrific.  The ribs had a nice bark and the rub held a bit of spiciness.  Each bite featured some spice and I liked that.  The meat held a ton of delicious juiciness.  These ribs had plenty of smoke and were fantastic.  If I had to complain, I would note that the meat held onto the bone a bit too much.  But honestly, I really, really liked these ribs.

The beef rib weighed in at about .75 pound.  Much of the rib was pretty dry, though the well rendered fat did hide some good moist pieces of meat.  The rib had a simple rub but there was just too much salt on this meat.  Each bite was overly salty and that taste overwhelmed most of the other flavor.  Overall this rib was not bad, but was honestly a bit disappointing.

Schmidt features that famous Kreuz sausage so you know exactly what to expect.  The beef links held flecks of pepper inside.  The links were well prepared and had a nice snap.


The cold sauce was a concoction of contrasting flavors and was just too busy for my tastebuds to appreciate.  I did not care for the sauce, but these meats are strong enough to stand on their own.

Schmidt carries an expanded menu Friday through Sunday which includes Boneless Prime Rib, Beef Ribs, Bone-In Pork Chop and Smoked Ham.  I opted for the Beef Rib on this trip, but fully intend to try some of the other enticing offerings. Schmidt is also open early serving various breakfast tacos for the morning commute.

Schmidt Family Barbecue sits in a modern building.  It might look out of place in Lockhart but it fits in perfectly in this Bee Cave shopping center.  The Schmidt dining area is large and rather plain.  There is plenty of room to dine in, however they also features a separate entrance for Call In orders.  Both areas were busy during this Sunday visit and Schmidt is certainly moving a lot of product.

Schmidt Barbecue sits in a brand new building


Schmidt Family Barbecue is a very good spot for those separated from Lockhart by the Austin sprawl.  Schmidt offers some fantastic pork ribs along with solid brisket and the always ever-pleasing Kreuz links.

Grade: B++

Address: 12532 FM 244
Phone: 512-263-4060
Hours: Sunday: 11AM - 8PM; Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 9PM


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