Saturday, August 9, 2014

Terry Black's Barbecue - Austin

The motivation and conflict behind the establishment of Terry Black’s BBQ is well documented.  If you’re not a BBQ Historian, this saga can be summed up this way:
The Nephews of Kent Black (Black’s BBQ – Lockhart) said their uncle was not staying true to their grandparents’ traditions by doing things like using rotisserie cookers.  Therefore, the two broke off to setup their own “more traditional” joint, naming it after their father (after the threat of lawsuit from using the Black’s name), promising to smoke everything with post oak in their large smokehouse.  Later this fall, Uncle Kent plans on escalating the rivalry even more by opening up his own trailer down the street from Terry Black’s.
I absolutely love Black’s BBQ in Lockhart and with this much drama, you would have to expect the BBQ at Terry Black’s to be something special. 


I arrived in the parking lot of Terry Black’s at 10:45, which was plenty of time to be first in line and secure the first cuts of the day.  The man behind the counter loaded me up with brisket, pork ribs and a beef rib.
Terry Black's Texas Trinity

The brisket was the highlight of the visit.  The slices were well prepared with a perfect amount of tug.  The rub was simple with plenty of thick pepper.  The fat present was well rendered and melted into the meat with each bite.  There was nothing to dislike about this meat.

The pork ribs were just fine.  The flavor came from the slightly sweet sauce present on the ribs.  The ribs were in need of more smoke.  The meat held together too tightly and were just tougher than ribs should be.

The beef rib was pretty standard and really did not stand out at all.  The rib was well prepared and easy to eat. It had a lot of fat throughout, which was well rendered, but it lacked much flavor.


Terry Black’s has a large dining area with available seating outside on the patio.  The atmosphere and souvenir counter are sure to please tourists that stop by.  Personally, I was thankful for the large parking lot, which in Austin is a luxury.

Terry Blacks has a large building with a large parking lot
Large Restaurant Complete with Large Parking Lot
Terry Black's detached smokehouse
Smoking the Old Fashioned Way
Three sauces were available on the table: Tangy, Spicy and Regular.  Personally, I found the Tangy and Spicy sauces much, much too sweet.  The regular sauce was fine, but unnecessary.


Overall these guys are off to a great start.  It was a good experience and was highlighted by that excellent brisket.  The brisket neared the perfection that we’ve become accustomed to from the Black family.  The promise is there but they still have work to do with the other meats to catch up to Uncle Kent. They’re also well on their way to catching up with the Mueller family in the drama department.

Address: 1003 Barton Springs, Austin, TX78704
Phone: 512-394-5899
Hours: Every Day: 11AM - 9PM


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