Monday, August 18, 2014

Backyard BBQ – Belton

When I pulled up to the address of Backyard BBQ in Morgan’s Point, the place seemed abandoned.  As I investigated more closely, I found a sign that pointed to the back of the building for BBQ.  This is a completely hidden but bustling little joint behind the Lone Star Banquet Hall.

I had several recommendations for this place and observed several groups dining in.  However, I also saw a red flag as the place advertised the meat to be “No Teeth Tender.”  Places that steam or bake their meat often use this slogan, but typically put out rather poor Texas ‘cue.  This visit would pit local recommendations against my hunch.


I was handed a rather lengthy menu featuring burgers and other fare in addition to the BBQ selections.  I closed the menu and simply ordered the trio of brisket, pork ribs and sausage.  The box was assembled out of sight in the kitchen and delivered to me within a couple of minutes.  I unboxed the meal outside and prepared to enjoy it.

Three Meat Plate: Brisket, Pork Ribs, Sausage

The meats came out drizzled with a slight amount of peppery sauce.  A nice pink smoke ring was evident on the brisket.  A taste revealed some definite smoke but the meat just kind of fell apart.  It still had some chew but just crumbled in my hands.  Aside from the smoke, there really was not a lot of flavor in the meat.  It was rather similar to a boring cut of roast beef.  There was not a whole lot to like.

The bone of the rib had basically worked itself out before I even unboxed the meal.  The bone pulled straight out and came out completely clean .  The crust on the ribs was fine and featured a nice heavy pepper rub.  The crust had a decent flavor but the meat itself was so stewy that it just kind of fell apart like the brisket.  It had more juice and flavor than the brisket but it really was not what I expect from Texas BBQ.

The sausage was pretty good.  It had a little spice to it.  There was not much snap to the skin but the flavor was rather pleasing.


The interior of the joint is small and well decorated with photos of friends and family.  There are several tables spaced around the comfortable dining area.  Several people were dining in during my visit and a few people had came in to pickup orders to go.  Backyard BBQ seems to stay busy serving the area.

Backyard BBQ sits behind Lone Star Banquet Hall


This is the kind of joint that I would love to have liked.  It is a great local joint with a lot of charm.  Please understand that the food was not terrible and I am sure there are plenty of pleasing items on the extensive menu.  However, this meat was just was not what you expect from Texas BBQ, especially here in Central Texas.  I thought the sausage was fairly good.  The other meats came out with a thin layer of BBQ sauce, but with the stewy consistency of the pork rib and brisket, I think gravy would have been more fitting.

Address: 1695 Morgans Point Rd, Belton, TX 76513
Phone: 254-780-9889
Hours: Sunday: 11AM – 8PM; Tuesday – Thursday: 11AM – 8PM; Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 9PM


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