Monday, August 18, 2014

B&D Ice House: BBQ & Draft – San Antonio

I have not spent much time in the Southtown area of San Antonio so I was somewhat surprised to see this busy street of rather hip looking local bars.  B&D Ice House definitely seemed like a cool place to spend a relaxed afternoon, but how good could the BBQ be at this local watering hole?


I showed up a little after 6:00PM and ordered a selection of brisket, pork ribs and a link of sausage at the walk-up window.  I also splurged on the deliciously named Green Chile Mac ‘N Cheese.  It took about 5 minute for the plate to be assembled so I moved into the A/C to wait for my meal.

Beautiful spread of smoked meats from B&D

The meats looked gorgeous sitting in the container.  I first sampled the brisket and it did not disappoint.  The slice had a nice amount of fat left on it.  This was a layer of well rendered fat that held plenty of smoke.  The meat featured a simple rub with a lot of black pepper.  The thin crust was well-formed and crisped around the fat which was absolutely delicious.  The meat was perfectly juicy and just fantastic.

The link was a jalapeno-cheese link.  It was nothing special but had definite jalapeno flavor.  It was not bad.  It was well prepared but nothing special in my opinion.

The baby back ribs looked great with a gorgeous deep tanned crust.  The rub was mainly pepper but there a hint of something else.  It was not overly sweet and not tangy, it was almost a fruity flavor - maybe notes of plum.  After my meal, the mystery was solved when I learned that the answer was right there on the menu: The ribs are coated with a Big Red based glaze.  It was a very interesting and tasty choice.  However, it seemed to me that all of the flavor seemed to be coming from the glaze.  Away from it, there was not very much taste.  The meat held together appropriately and featured a nice tug.  The ribs were fine but did not taste as good as they looked.


B&D is a cool divey joint.  It is a shack of a building, matching the vibe of Southtown.  There are several picnic tables in the courtyard along the street facing the other outdoor bars.  You can order at the walk-up window or you can go inside and order.  There is a small bar inside with a good selection of Texas craft beers on tap.  In addition to the stools at the bar, there are also 3 high top tables inside.

B&D Ice House is a cool San Antonio joint
B&D Ice House is a Dive of a Joint in Southtown

The entrance and walk up window at B&D
Orders may be placed at the walk-up window
The Green Chile Mac ‘N Cheese was a delicious choice as a side.  The macaroni and cheese was very thick and creamy.  It had a perfect amount of chile.  It actually was not spicy but a lot of flavor came from the chile.

The Sauce was very thick and carried a deep rust color.  It was very tasty and had a sneaky spice to it.  It was a little tangy and featured a lot of black pepper.  It’s a good BBQ sauce and one that I liked a lot.  It gave me reason to finish my bread.

In addition to the typical smoked meats, B&D’s menu has an inventive selection of hot and cold sandwiches along with several snack options.


B&D Ice House absolutely meets expectations with their BBQ.  They deliver some of the finest brisket in town while the sausage and ribs do well in their supporting roles.  And even after you finish your meat, B&D’s is the kind of place that you’ll still want to stick around a while longer.


Address: 1004 S Alamo St, San Antonio, TX 78210
Phone: 210-225-9801
Hours: Sunday: 10AM – 7PM; Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 9PM; Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 10PM


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