Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Smitty's Bar-B-Q - Brownwood

I do not go to Brownwood in search of great BBQ but I found myself there anyway and just could not pass up the bright red building that is Smitty’s Bar-B-Q.


 I ordered a plate of brisket, pork ribs and their housemade sausage to go.  The woman behind the counter scurried around the small kitchen space of industrial metal counters to box up my order.  Before finishing, she heaped a large helping of unrequested sauce across the meat and finished by sprinkling Cajun seasoning on top of the soupy mix of meats.

Sauce covering a three meat plate at Smitty's

The well-trimmed brisket actually looked decent as it peeked through the sauce.  The meat may have had a bit of smoke on its own but honestly it benefited from the sauce.  Without the dark tangy stuff, the dry meat would have been tough to swallow.

The ribs were utterly unremarkable.  They did not carry a lot of meat and were way too hard to pull away from the bone.  They had no flavor on their own and suffered from even more dryness than the brisket did.  This lady knew what she was doing as she ladled the sauce on.  This meat needed it.

I was looking forward to the house sausage that seems to be pretty popular with the locals.  Sadly the sausage was nothing special.  It was pretty standard pork sausage and just didn’t have much flavor.  What could have been this joint's saving grace was just another letdown.


The sides were actually the highlight of the meal.  They were homemade and unique.  The potato salad was most interesting with surprising sweetness.  Collard Greens are one of Smitty's specialties but they were unfortunately not available on this trip.


Smitty’s is what I unaffectionately call “A Slatherer”.  Truly good Texas BBQ has no need for sauce and it certainly should not be the focus point.  Unfortunately the meat I found today was not the kind that can stand on its own and the sauce served as a welcome distraction from the meats’ deficiencies.

Address: 708 W Austin Ave, Brownwood, TX 76801
Phone: 325-646-5922
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:30AM – 8PM


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