Sunday, January 19, 2014

Franklin BBQ - Austin

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now):

It's all good.  Aaron Franklin is a modern day legend, and rightfully so.  This is hands down the BEST BBQ in the State.

Address: 900 E. 11th Street, Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512-653-1187
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00 - Sold Out

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Louie Mueller - Taylor

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now):

The meats at this iconic joint absolutely live up to the hype and the family name.  Everything on the menu is mouthwatering but the beef ribs shine brightest.  These gargantuan ribs are the best in the state.

Address: 206 W. 2nd Street, Taylor, TX
Phone: 512-352-6206
Hours: Monday - Friday: 11AM-6PM; Saturday 10AM-6PM

Black's BBQ - Lockhart

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now):

Black's fatty brisket is some of the best you will find anywhere.  The beef rib is the only meat that lags behind the others.

Address: 215 N. Main Street, Lockhart, TX 78644
Phone: 512-398-2712
Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 10AM-8PM; Friday - Saturday: 10AM - 8:30PM

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hutchins BBQ & Catfish – McKinney

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

Hutchins does their brisket right. I got the first cut the morning I went and was blown away. Great smoke, great rub, great flavor. The pork ribs are simply perfect. I loved their menu and nice choice of sides. The building and the atmosphere are pretty novel as well. 

1301 N Tennessee St, McKinney, Texas 75069
Phone: 972-548-2629
Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 11AM – 9PM; Friday-Saturday 11AM-9:30PM
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Killen’s BBQ – Pearland

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 
Beef ribs had amazing flavor with tons of well-rendered fat.  The trimmed brisket was actually better than the fatty cut.  Trimmed brisket had great flavor.  The homemade sausage was good, but different and not as tasty as my first visit.  I thought the pork ribs were good but the Pork Belly was even better.  Pork Belly at a BBQ joint was a first for me but was very well done.  Love the special selections that are offered.  Everything at Killen's is a winner.

Address: 3613 East Broadway Street, Pearland, Texas 77581
Phone: 281-485-2272
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 11AM – Sold Out

Kreuz Market - Lockhart

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now):

For me, Kreuz Market is on an elite level of Texas BBQ.  The sausage here is my absolute favorite in the state.  The famous clod outshines the brisket.  Kreuz serves a full menu through dinner and constantly has a good product no matter the hour.  That type of consistency is tough to accomplish.

Address: 619 N. Colorado Street, Lockhart, TX 78644
Phone: 512-398-2361
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10:30AM - 8PM

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Freedmen's Bar - Austin (CLOSED)

Everything was terrific, but the over-use of black pepper grew tiresome for me.  Still, top notch BBQ and the best I've found as a late night option.

Address: 2402 San Gabriel St, Austin, TX 78705
Phone: 512-220-0953
Hours: Tuesday - Wednesday: 11AM - 10PM; Thursday - Saturday: 11AM - 12AM; Sunday: 11AM - 4PM (Brunch); 4PM - 10PM (Dinner)

Evie Mae's Pit Barbecue - Wolfforth

Just My Rating (For Now): 

Address: 217 East Highway 62, Wolfforth, Texas 79382 (Across the Highway from Dairy Queen)
Phone: 806-782-2281
Hours: ThursdayFriday: 11AM – Sold Out (Which is Early - Trust Me)

Joseph’s Riverport Barbecue – Jefferson

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

I love the little town of Jefferson and thankfully I was able to finally try Joseph's.  Previous trips have seen them closed early or burned down...  It was worth the wait.  The perfectly smoked brisket and slightly sweet ribs shone.  The storebought sausage was fine, as was the pulled pork.

Address: 201 N Polk St, Jefferson, TX 75657
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11AM-7PM; Sunday: 11AM-2PM

BBQ on the Brazos – Cresson

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

The brisket was cut very thick and was absolutely delicious.  It featured a beautiful crust, with a slight crispiness. The layer of fat was perfectly rendered. The ribs were well smoked with a touch of sweetness.  This joint is worth checking out.

Address: 9001 East Hwy. 377, Cresson, TX 76035
Phone: 817-396-4758
Hours: Monday – Saturday: 9AM – Sold Out (Usually before 2PM)

Cooper's BBQ - Llano

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

The masters of direct heat and a Texas BBQ icon.

Address: 604 W. Young Street, Llano, TX 78643
Phone: 325-247-5713
Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10:30AM – 7:30PM; Friday – Saturday: 10:30AM – 8:30PM

McMillan’s Bar-B-Q – Fannin

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

McMillans has some of the finest brisket in South Texas. Great crust, thick smoke ring. Plenty of flavor. McMillan's gets an A- from me for excellent brisket, great sausage and some average pork ribs. Louis McMillan can certainly TALK.

Address: 9913 U.S. 59, Fannin, TX 77963
Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10AM – 6PM; Friday – Saturday: 10AM - 7:30PM

Virgie’s BBQ – Houston

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

Virgie's serves up some of the best ribs you'll find in the Bayou City.  They have surprisingly good brisket and some good sausage as well. Skip the terrible sides. If you like your tea sweet, you'll enjoy that theirs tastes like straight icing.

Address: 5535 Gessner Dr, Houston, TX 77041
Hours: Wednesday – Friday: 11AM – 6:30PM; Saturday: 11AM – 5:30

Micklethwait Craft Meats – Austin

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now):
Excellent meats, homemade bread and lovingly crafted sides. Micklethwait has excellent assortment of craft sausage.  It is all excellent but the lamb is the highlight of the bunch. The ribs were also great, tasty with perfect amount of tug. Brisket was a bit off and a little too tough.  The ribs and sausage put this in the A- range.

Address: 1309 Rosewood Ave, Austin, TX 78702
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11am-8pm or till sold out. Sunday 11am-3pm or till sold out.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Truth Barbecue - Brenham

Just My Rating and a Few Notes (For Now): 

The moist brisket takes top prize at this great barbecue joint. It's juicy with tender fat and features quite a lot of salt. It's all perfectly rendered and smoky.  The lean falls a bit short of the flavor in the moist bites.  The crust is soft with its salt and pepper. The meat has a nice layer of fat and an overall good texture. 

A lot of the flavor from the ribs comes from a tangy sauce. It's a wet, soppy rib that is very tender. The saucy ribs are topped with quite a bit of pepper. I like my ribs to be more natural, but these are undeniably good. 

The beef rib is well prepared with a nice texture, but lacks the heft of flavor you expect from a beef rib. I chose to leave my pulled pork unsauced and it held its own. It was a simple pork that was super moist and was very good. The sausage is a house recipe and is well executed.

And there is always a selection of delicious cake to go around. Most recently I sampled the Banana Nut Bread Cake and - Wow. I normally skip dessert myself, but Truth Barbecue gives enough reason for anyone to order cake.

The sides here are worth checking out.  The greens are surprisingly not sweet. They use a straightforward approach that works well on the fresh, crunchy bites.  The corn pudding is sweet and satisfying as well.  The mac & cheese doesn't disappoint. The bread is cut thick and the sauce is tangy like apple cider.

A tray full of the good stuff from Truth BBQ

A plate of Truth Barbecue featuring brisket, pork ribs, beef ribs and sausage.

A close up on Truth Barbecue's cuts of brisket

Truth Barbecue is decorated with vintage letters.

Address: 2990 U.S. 290, Brenham, TX 77833
Phone: 979-830-0392
Hours: Thursday – Sunday: 11AM-4PM

*All Grades Are Based Solely on the Quality of Texas BBQ Offered at the Joint. We Aren't Looking for Burgers or Catfish!

My Grading Scale:

A = This is some of the finest BBQ you'll find anywhere. It is worth a roadtrip in itself along with any required wait.
B = This is very good BBQ, even if it is over an hour away, consider making the drive.
C = This is just average BBQ but it's worth a stop in a pinch.
D = This is a poor example of Texas BBQ. Even if it's the only place around, skip it. Apologize to any non-Texans that have eaten here.
F = This is not only a bad Texas BBQ, it is probably not suitable for human consumption.

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